N324CJ Citation C500

Passing through 3000ft on departure from EGNS. Not a sharp shot owing to bumpy conditions but you can see the Garmin 530 and 430 units and the 7426 squawk. Autopilot panel is just to the right of the hand (above the Stormscope).

Closing on the ILS for 21 at Biggin Hill with about 14nm to run. Just broken out of cloud at about 3200ft.

Nice shot of London City airport about 5nm to the west. Roughly 11nm out from EGKB.

Finals for 21

Short final at 120kts

N324JC, our Cessna C500

A nice selection of executive aircraft on the apron.

D-IMAC, a very clean looking Cessna CJ1 from Germany with a Portuguese Falcon behind.

A few close ups.

The BPK2 departure from 03 at EGKB requires a fairly rapid turn south east after take off to pick up the westerly radial to Detling, then a left turn to BPK.

The shot was taken as we were approaching DET VOR and climbing to 6000ft.

Turning left for BPK and approaching FL110. Rochester to the left and Gravesend (and Thames) in the distance just under the cloud layer.

The original shot was much brighter outside but I have toned it down in PSP to show more detail. The side window is untouched and shows how light it really was - the shot being taken into sun.

A bit more of Chatham here.

A shot to keep panel enthusiasts happy.

We are on a radar heading of 330 and passing 21,300ft for FL240 (Altitude selector at bottom of screen to the right of the GNS430). DME is still tuned to DET VOR hence the 30.1nm readout but the GNS530 is set for TNT VOR 105nm away. We are actually about 10nm to run to BPK.

IAS is 206kts but the Garmin shows a GS of 226kts. At FL210 our TAS would have been nearer 290kts so we have a headwind of about 65kts.

The HSI isn't giving any useful data as I had not yet reset the HDG and CRS bugs. Tut, tut.

Home in sight. Positioning for a visual final onto 26 at Ronaldsway. We could see the Mountains of Mourne on the horizon - visibility was excellent.