JHB Rogues Gallery

JHB has some interesting personalities. Here are just a few. More serious bio's are here.


Orzel Plunt

Orzel is one of the founder members of JHB, joining us three weeks before the airline started.

Orzel lives in Ballykatabatic in a country residence known as Condemned by the local council. Apart from his JHB activities Orzel's hobbies include Whippet Flunting - a vague and ancient traditional English sport which involves no small amount of danger to man or beast - and Ram Snatch - a vague and ancient traditional English sport which involves no small amount of danger to man or beast.

Orzel is unmarried.

No photo of Orzel exists but he provided me with a picture of his pet ram, affectionately known by local residents as That Evil Bloody Bastard.


John Woodside


A handsome but reclusive figure otherwise known as Bones, Dipstick, Oi You! or simply God, Not Him Again..

Drifted into aviation because he couldn't get a proper job and ended up in ATC with the other cast-offs. Was "let go" 37 years later when they realised he hadn't actually done anything.

Is seen late at night talking to his computer. A sad case.


Mike Lucas



One of the company's two Scotsmen (no jokes about what's worn under the kilt - it's all in perfect working order).

Reluctantly re-hired by Bones, despite earlier experience with me at Noble Air, for my intimate knowledge of Wick.

SWMBO has come to tolerate my flight simming as safer and more acceptable (possibly cheaper too) than spending similar amounts of time down the pub ...

Age 58 but - with 2 teenage children - no prospect of retirement for the foreseeable future. Jack-of-all-trades .... master of none.



Phil Reynolds


Lives in Birmingham. No more need be said.



Gerry Winskill

Had 72 birthdays but not matured yet.

Retired for 15 years and now Manx based bike junky; provided the roads aren't damp.

When not working on bikes, including sidecar project, can be found in front of the FS9 setup. Addicted to three screen use and breeding Farm Strips.

Occasionally emerge from garage or den, mainly for meals, to maintain reputation as GOM, to listen to jazz CDs or reassure myself I'll never be able to play the tenor sax.

Very tolerant Manx SWMBO.


Peter Dodds


Born, raised and schooled with greatest care
Downhill (a coal pit) went from there
But finding England far too cold
He went to Oz to dig for gold

Finding none, back home he came
And a Water Engineer became
Restored a working narrowboat
And spent his leisure time afloat

When boating drained his pockets dry
He broke the bank and learned to fly
Then pensioned off before his prime
To writing took to pass the time.

One fateful day saw FS4
In the local Dixons store
Simming ever since, alack
He's now a total anorak

In something of a backwards life
He then had kids (but first - a wife)
Never bored, life's cup is brimming
Until he's dead he'll still be simming!"


Tom Smith

Age: 61

Occupation: Retired



Paul Reynolds


For those wondering why Orzel's pet is armed to the teeth, well, I believe I'm the token Welshman of the company.

A founder member of the Edwina Currie depreciation society (also known as Slobbers World or the Keep Fat club), my nickname (Hippo) actually comes from my demeanour, not my size or diet. Yet as time goes by it seems more apt than ever.



Age 87 (and counting)

Ex RAF Wireless op.mechanic (1936-1945) Singapore 38-41 Yes I got out !! On Sunderland flying boats.

FS fanatic since Chuck Yeager era.

Pretty much housebound now with frail SWMBO.  


Frank Turley


Based : Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Born 1944, left school 1960

Occupation : Bean Counter (now semi-retired)

Flight Sim : Started with Bruce Artwick, have bought all versions since, plus Fly!, X-Plane, numerous add-ons, generations of PCs.

Other Interests : Being a grandad, Derby County FC.  


Kevin Townshend

50ish, going on 25. Gave up flying, along with many other bachelor toys after marrying childhood sweetheart in 2001.

Keen FlightSim / FPI fan and founder member of the "Dangerous Flying Club".

Crazy flights are recorded, and the .vid files then distributed for bragging rights! Finest hour - Flying the 152 along Tower Bridge Road! TV Cameraman, If you watch Sport, you'll have seen my work!



Alastair McIntyre

Home base: Glasgow

Age: 61

Occupation: Retired (ex draughtsman)

Other interests: Building and flying model aircraft, cycling, hill walking


Frank Fisher


Born December '42. Left school to start first job December '57. Barring a few months, have been fully employed up to date.

Started in computers with the Dragon Data Dragon32 (same time as BBC micro came out. Graduated to IBM XT, then AT386 and now an AMD 64/3200. Started on FS V5.0, now using FS2004. Been online for nearly 4 years from dialup MP thro to BroadBand MP and joined FPI early last year (must check date) now also using VATSIM.



Mike Brook


Recently commenced 60th year, thirty-five of which were spent gainfully employed in the aerospace engine electronics industry before enforced early retirement in 2002 as a result of 9/11.

Based in Solihull, West Midlands. Flew C-152s & PA-28s out of Wellesbourne Mountford in the nineties before lack of cash (and 2nd marriage <g>) terminated most real-world flying activities. Spend whatever spare time is now available hill-walking with the good lady wife in the Lakes and sur le continent. Avid enthusiast of anything and everything to do with aviation.

Flight simmer since 1988 (FS3/4?), original member of the old FSFORUM on CompuServe. UKScenery devotee since the mid nineties, was at Cov '98. Founder member of the GOM Club (I don't beleeeeve it...) and recent recruit to JHB (Diamonds are forever etc...).

Any other submissions would be gratefully received.


John Woodside HC JHB