A Catalogue of UK Airfields




My airfield data does not contain information on current airfield ownership.

I therefore regret that I cannot help users with enquiries about the use of airfields for charity events, motor sport activities or other purposes.

The data displayed is for historical reference only and is not to be used for actual flight planning or aircraft operations.


Airfield Data Pages

Update: 20 Aug 2011

1800 airfields

1315 airfields categorised to Cat A
158 airfields categorised to Cat B
319 airfields categorised to Cat C
8 airfields remain uncategorised

Airfields UK (A to D)
 Airfield listing from Abbot's Bromley to Duxford
Airfields UK (E to L)
 Airfield listing from Eaglescott to Lyveden
Airfields UK (M to S)
 Airfield listing from Macaroni Down to Syerston
Airfields UK (T to Z)
 Airfield listing from Tain to Zeals
Airfields - Ireland
 Airfield listing for Ireland (provisional - new listing)
Airfield Data Files

UK Google Earth KML file

This Google Earth KML file displays all the UK airfields listed above. After loading in GE just click on an airfield and the data will appear in a popup window.


Update: 19 July 2021


UK Memory Map MMO file

This MMO file displays all the UK airfields listed above. After opening Memory Map just click on Import and navigate to the MMO file. Airfields with blue dots are active, airfields with black circles are inactive.


Update: 15 Sept 2010

Abbreviations A description of some of the abbreviations used in the tables.


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