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Outline Files


Outline files are restored.

1. Users of the free ActiveDisplayLite program or the more fully featured Active Display again have direct access to my outline files.

2. Coastlines may also be downloaded from the map below but no auto install procedure will be available. The files will have to be installed manually into your Outline folder.

Outline Files

Outline files are used to create line features on the BaseStation display. Typically outline files are designed to produce coastlines, controlled airspace, danger areas, airfield plans, runway centrelines and military airspace.

Sets of outline files are being created for each country. Each country can be highlighted in ADLite and will show the available outline types for the country (these can vary). Users can select all the files available or choose only those they wish to install.

The list below shows currently available file sets and their data of validity.

For more detailed information see Outline Set Details



High Resolution Coastline sets

The default coastline provided in BaseStation is of low detail but provides a world-wide coastline in a reasonably small data file (the General.out file of approx. 3Mb).

These replacement sets are provided for users who do not need a full world-wide coastline but would prefer a regional coast of a much higher degree of detail. Any number of coastline files can be installed but for most systems it is recommended that a maximum of two should be active at any time.

Coastline data files are large so may not be usable on low end PC's.

Alaska NW Canada N Canada W Greenland E Greenland N Scandinavia S Scandinavia NW Russia N Russia NE Russia W Canada C Canada NE Canada E Canada N Europe C Europe S Europe Mid East W USA C USA E USA Panama Brazil W Africa E Africa India China Japan Vietnam Philippines Malaysia Malaysia E Pacific W Pacific W S.America S Chile E S.America S Africa W Australia E Australia NZ Antarctic

Latest update - 14 Apr 2015





UK Airspace

Outline files for UK airspace correct to the UK 5 May 2011 AIRAC data.

Outlines include:

Runway centrelines for 116 airfields - (10nm for precision approach runways and 6nm for non precision approaches).
Lower Airway centrelines.
Lower Airway edges for users who don't like centrelines.
Upper Airway centrelines.
ATZ (Aerodrome Traffic Zones) and MATZ (Military Aerodrome Traffic Zones).
CTA (Control Area), TMA (Terminal Control Area) and CTR (Control Zone) airspace.
Danger, Prohibited and Restricted airspace.
FIR, ATSDA and HUACA airspace.
Military ARA, ATA, MTA, TRA, AIAA, E3D Orbit and AARA airspace. TACAN Routes.
VOR Roses.


Ireland Airspace

Outline files for Irish airspace correct to the Ireland Nov 2010 AIRAC data.

Outlines include:

Runway centrelines for 9 airfields - (10nm for precision approach runways and 6nm for non precision approaches).
Lower Airway centrelines.
Upper Airway centrelines.
CTA (Control Area), TMA (Terminal Control Area) and CTR (Control Zone) airspace.
Danger, Prohibited and Restricted airspace.
FIR airspace.
Military airspace.
VOR Roses.


Airfield Plans

Civil Airfield Plans

These outlines are high resolution but show paved detail only. They display runway, taxiway and apron edges but not runway/taxiway/apron markings, airfield buildings or structures as these can frequently change.

Note: An alternative set of extremely high detail airfield files are available on the SBS-Resources CD or from the Kinetic Downloads page.

The airfield plans cover the following 142 UK and 13 Irish airfields:

Aberdeen, Andreas, Andrewsfield, Barra, Barrow, Barton, Beccles, Belfast Aldergrove, Belfast City, Bembridge, Benbecula, Beverley, Biggin Hill, Birmingham, Blackbushe, Blackpool, Bodmin, Bourn, Bournemouth, Bristol, Caernarfon, Cambridge, Campbeltown, Cardiff, Carlisle, Chalgrove, Chichester, Clacton, Coll, Compton Abbas, Coventry, Cranfield, Cumbernauld, Damyn's Hall, Denham, Derby, Doncaster Robin Hood, Dundee, Dunkeswell, Durham Tees, Duxford, Eaglescott, Earl's Colne, Eday, Edinburgh, Elstree, Enniskillen, Exeter, Fairoaks, Farnborough, Fenland, Fife, Filton, Full Sutton, Glasgow, Gloucester, Guernsey, Haverford, Hawarden, Hucknall, Humberside, Inverness, Islay, Isle of Man, Jersey, Jurby, Kemble, Kirkwall, Land's End, Langford Lodge, Lashenden, Leeds, Leicester, Lerwick, Liverpool, London City, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stansted, London Luton, Londonderry, Lydd, Manchester, Manchester Woodford, Manston, Netherthorpe, Newcastle, Newquay, Newtownards, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham East Midlands, Nottingham Tollerton, Oban,Old Buckenham, Old Sarum, Old Warden, Oxford, Panshangar, Papa Westray, Pembrey, Perranporth, Perth, Peterborough Conington, Peterborough Sibson, Plymouth, Prestwick, Redhill, Retford, Rochester, Sanday, Sandown, Sandtoft, Scatsta, Scilly Isles, Seething, Sherburn, Shobdon, Shoreham, Sleap, Southampton, Southend, Stapleford, Stornoway, Stronsay, Sumburgh, Swansea, Tatenhill, Thruxton, Truro, Turweston, Warton, Wellesbourne, Welshpool, West Wales, Westray, White Waltham, Wick, Wickenby, Wolverhampton, Wycombe, Yeovil.

Baldonnel, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Inisheer, Inishmann, Inishmore, Inveran, Ireland West, Kerry, Shannon, Sligo, Waterford.

Author: Bones

Latest update - 7 Apr 2011 (adds airfields at Coll, Cumbernauld, Eday, Enniskillen, Fife, Guernsey and Islay.)




European VOR Roses

VOR roses for European navaids that are the next en route point for airways exiting UK airspace. Also included is a waypoint file for users who do not have any European navaid data loaded.

The VOR roses are enabled by turning on Layer 15 in the Outlines section of the Display Settings.

Latest update - 28 Dec 2010