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The Tiger Moth Collection


This is my tribute to a delightful aircraft. The Tiger Moth began life as a civil aircraft but in 1932 it was chosen by the RAF as a basic trainer to replace the Avro Tutor.

The aircraft was designed in GMax originally for FS2002. It has since been redesigned for FS2004 and again for FSX to keep the flight handling compatible with the differing flight dynamics. The later versions also allowed new gauges to be built using the improved XML gauge coding.

In designing the Tiger Moth it was inevitable that both civil and military versions would be necessary for a definitive release but the diversity of colour schemes that have been applied to the aircraft in its history made it difficult to choose between them. I have therefore provided a total of no less than 10 different paint schemes for users to choose from.

Visit theTiger Moth Collection page.


Tiger Moth


Aircraft Repaints


A selection of repaints are available from my Repaints page.

PA28 Archer GBUMP


Aircraft files

Real aircraft Checklists

This is a small 55K zip file which contains my real world pilot checklists for ten aircraft. These are:

Grumman AA5
Cessna 172
Cessna 177RG
Cessna 182
DH85 Leopard Moth
PA24 Comanche
PA27 Aztec
PA28R Arrow 2
PA32 Cherokee Six 300
PA38 Tomahawk

The checklists will print out in a neat A5 format (A4 folded in half) so they don't take up much room on your desktop (or aircraft!). They are Word 97 files.