FS2004 Data & Downloads


These downloads are a selection of some of my general additions to FS. For aircraft and scenery files use the links below.

Scenery downloads (my own) can be found in the FS Scenery pages.
Aircraft downloads can be found in the FS Aircraft pages.

FS2004 ATC Data

ATC recognised Airlines

The airlines recognised by ATC in FS2004 are rather limited. Here is the full listing of callsigns, together with the real world 3 digit codes.

ATC recognised Aircraft Types/Models

Fed up with ATC calling you Experimental? The reason for this is explained in my aircraft.cfg file tutorial but here is the full list of recognised aircraft used in FS2004.

Aircraft Registrations by Country - plus Airport ICAO codes

A complete listing of worldwide Airfield ICAO codes and Aircraft Registration Prefix letters/numbers arranged in Country order. Useful if sorting out AI flight plan registrations with AIRegGen or AITM.

UK Airfield Listing

FS2004 has 218 airfields in the UK scenery. This page shows the FS listings along with all active UK airfields that FS does not include.

FS2004 Downloads

FSNav - Full UK airspace Map

The default FSNav map only shows Control Zones/MATZ in the UK. This excellent rework of the FSNav airspace.txt file shows all the UK airspace - airways, TMA's, CTA's and even some Restricted Areas.

My sincere thanks to Philip Evans for producing the revised data.

This is an updated file issued on 28/10/2006 and contains the revisions to the Cardiff and Bristol CTR/CTA airspace plus the extended Clacton and Worthing CTA's.

AI Traffic - Regionalised FS2004 AI flightplans.txt file

This is a complete rewrite of the default FS2004 AI traffic file. Each aircraft now shows a correct registration based upon the country of departure. No more skies full of US registrations (except in the US of course). Courtesy of Phil Reynolds.

XML Gauge

FS2004 introduced XML coding for gauges and this is a great benefit for FS users who do not have C+ knowledge or tools.

This simple example of a gauge gives you a pop up window showing various weights of the aircraft - Empty, Fuel, Total, Max and Overload. Handy in its own right but also gives you the ability to substitute any other variable in FS.

Bones Aviation Files

Here are some real world aviation reference files that are just as useful for FS users.

A Catalogue of UK Airfields

The UK Airfields Catalogue is a listing all known airfields that have been built in the UK (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Channel Isles and Isle of Man). The list presently shows some 1400+ airfields with brief details on each - together with current status if known.

Crosswind Components

A small Excel file that will give you Crosswind angle or component, heading and groundspeed after inputting Track, TAS and W/V. An added extra is a second SS giving bearing and distance between two given Lat/Long points.

Aircraft Checklists

This is a small 55K zip file which contains my real world pilot checklists for ten aircraft. These are:

Grumman AA5
Cessna 172
Cessna 177RG
Cessna 182
DH85 Leopard Moth
PA24 Comanche
PA27 Aztec
PA28R Arrow 2
PA32 Cherokee Six 300
PA38 Tomahawk

The checklists will print out in a neat A5 format (A4 folded in half) so they don't take up much room on your desktop (or aircraft!). They are Word 97 files.