FS Articles and Tutorials


FS2004 has many new and powerful features - most of which can be adjusted to improve the basic simulation significantly.

As well as aircraft and scenery design FS users can now alter the AI traffic, ATC, airport gates/parking facilities, views and much more. This added complexity means we require a deeper understanding of the various features in FS and with this in mind I have written some tutorials and articles explaining the basics of each.

FS Design Tutorials

Aircraft Design

Ever wanted to build an aircraft for FS? This tutorial takes you through the five basic modules that make up the standard aircraft package.

Scenery Design

For newcomers to the art of designing scenery in FS. The scenery pages cover the basics of design with  GMax, Autogen and Library Objects, some design problems and a list of useful links for design tutorials.

FS2004 Aircraft.cfg file

FS aircraft have some new sections in their cfg files. Here's a rundown on the UI and ATC lines - and why the default settings on most of your add-on aircraft may need to be amended.

FS2004 AI Aircraft

A look at how the FS2004 AI system works.

XML Gauges

A basic article on making XML gauges - not as difficult as you may think. Plus a basic XML readout gauge showing weights but easily adapted to provide other values.

GPS and FS2004

Using real GPS units or GPS software with FS2004 is really quite easy.

This article shows how to feed FS2004 data to a Garmin GPS unit, moving map software on a PC and moving map software on a PDA running Windows.


FS Flying Tutorials

Short Field operations and Crosswind Landings

FS is getting more realistic and you have to pay more attention to your flying techniques. Here are a couple of articles that may help.

Multiplayer and Online ATC in FS

Flying with other pilots in FS is very enjoyable and also has the benefit of developing your skills in real world procedures.

These pages cover several topics - ranging from software setup procedures to basic ATC rules.

ATC Basics

A look at the basics of ATC for flyers new to IVAO/VATSIM. Flying in a controlled environment means it is time to learn some of the basic ATC procedures that will be useful for MP flights.

Flight Sim versus Reality

As users become more involved in FS and try to plan flights as close to reality as possible it can lead them down some rocky paths.

In this tutorial I'll describe how to plan a perfect flight in the UK - and why doing this can still leave you unprepared for what may happen.

This article is based on a real flight from Ronaldsway to Biggin Hill in a Cessna CJ1 Citation.

Improving Flying Skills

If you think you know how to fly your FS aircraft then the real time environment of online ATC can cruelly show up your weak areas.

This article describes the workload of a real airline flight from Ronaldsway to Heathrow and highlights why real pilots are more prepared for the unexpected. Inset comments are included to help FS pilots in procedures they have not come across before.

Map Reading for FS

Map reading is an unknown technique for FS users - but now that photo scenery is here the situation has changed.

This article describes some of the techniques used for a VFR flight from Hucknall to Sturgate.

Instrument Approach Procedures

Procedural approaches using IAP's (Instrument Approach Plates) are within the reach of the more experienced FS pilot. These pages explain the procedures (albeit briefly) together with some examples.

Approach Minima

Missed Approach, Decision Height and Minimum Descent Height explained.